Moving to Qatar and entering a different culture/community can be quite a big change. As a black woman in particular you definitely get used to specific pre- planning to accommodate your needs wherever you’re travelling to in the world and even more so when moving to countries in which we are the vast minority.

Letter to staff exposes pilot layoffs and company-wide salary freeze at the national carrier. We reached out to Qatar Airways this month for comments on the ongoing challenges.

According to a leaked letter to Qatar Airways flight crew in June, the basic pay of two senior pilots will be cut by a quarter while juniors will face decreases of about 15 percent. Remaining staff salaries will be frozen for at least five years, meaning there will be no…

The energetic, dangerous and highly athletic sport of parkour — or freerunning — is gaining popularity in Doha. We meet some of the young urban acrobats bringing their hobby to a handrail near you.

If you haven’t seen parkour enthusiasts in action in Doha, you probably will soon. Parkour — sometimes called freerunning — involves getting from A to B in the quickest and best planned way possible.

This extreme sport is a form of improvised outdoor gymnastics that began as a military technique…

Joannah Nasuna Zimbe

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